(updated 3/15/20) 
NOTE: Some calendar dates or locations may change.  ​Be sure to sign up for weekly announcements to stay up to date!

MARCH 2020
  • 4: Band Festival at Brighton High School (performance times for CB 10:25 AM, SB 12:50 PM, WE 5:30 PM).  Permission slips are needed!  Turn in to Mr. Jensen.
  • 5:  Parent-Teacher Conferences from 4-7pm
  • 10:  B&O Boosters’ meeting at 7 pm in the band room (All parents and students welcome!)
  • 11:  All City Orchestra Concert, 7 p.m., ROMS gym for all orchestras - CANCELLED!  Volunteers are needed!  Sign up here.​
  • 14: MSBOA State Solo & Ensemble at South Lyon High School.  CANCELLED! 
  • 17:  All City Band Concert, 7 p.m., ROHS gym for all bands.  CANCELLED!  Volunteers are needed!  Sign up here.
  • 28:  Oakland University Jazz Festival (performance times TBD for all three jazz bands)  CANCELLED!
  • 30-31: Help is needed welcoming future Band & Orchestra members at 5th grade Instrument fittings at ROMS 3;45 - 6:30pm.  SIGN UP here.  CANCELLED!

APRIL 2020
  • 1: Help is needed welcoming future Band & Orchestra members at 5th grade Instrument fittings at ROMS 3;45 - 6:30pm  SIGN UP here. CANCELLED!
  • 6-10: Spring Break!
  • 14:  B&O Boosters’ meeting at 7 pm in the band room (All parents and students welcome!) 
  • 18:  MSBOA Jazz Festival (hosted at ROHS).  All day commitment for jazz students.
  • 25:  Thornapple Jazz Festival in Hastings, MI (performance time and date TBD)
  • 22-30:  MSBOA State Band & Orchestra Festival (details TBD; requires 1st division rating at District)
  • TBD: Jazz Showcase - All Jazz groups with guest artists at 7pm in ROHS auditorium

​MAY 2020
  • 5:  Spring Band Concert, 7 p.m., ROHS auditorium with Tux Returns after concert
  • 6:  Spring Orchestra Concert, 7 p.m., ROHS auditorium with Tux Returns after concert
  • 7-9:  Michigan Youth Arts Festival (Western Michigan University, K-zoo, MI) for those students selected to All-State Ensembles
  • 11: B&O Awards Banquet RSVPs are due!  See Information/Forms & Flyers for the invitation and details. NOTE: Any student who would like to attend the B&O banquet but just can't quite afford it, see Mr. Jensen or Mr. Rose. We want EVERYONE to attend!
  • 12:  B&O Booster meeting at 7 pm in the band room (All parents and students welcome!)
  • 16: Royal Oak Ford – Drive 4 UR School at the ROHS Bus Loop - Test Drive fundraiser!  9 a.m. – 3 p.m. 
  • 25:  Royal Oak Memorial Day Parade *REQUIRED ATTENDANCE* 8 a.m. call time; 9 a.m. start (Downtown RO).  NOTE: All Marching Band students will be turning in their uniforms immediately after the parade and ceremony, so make sure your student has something to wear home!!! All items must be on hangers inside the bag, plus hat/box/gauntlets/rain coats.  Also, please consider being available afterwards to help with uniform collection. Every little bit helps so that it doesn’t end up being too huge of a task for a few people. Look for a sign up genius soon!
  • 26:  Band & Orchestra Awards Banquet at Club Venetian, Madison Heights (RSVPs required) 6 p.m. – Finish   
  • 29:  Class of 2020 Commencement (location TBD)  NOTE: All Juniors perform at the ceremony!
  • 30:  ​Celebration of the Arts, 12 noon - 5 p.m., ROMS (chamber ensembles and Jazz Groups will be playing)
  • TBD: Marching Band MANDATORY PARADE REHEARSAL from 3-4pm (ROHS location TBD).  Memorial Day parade information and music will be distributed.  Attendance is required for all MB students!
  • TBD: Final Uniform Returns in ROHS Band Room before school.  All items must be on hangers. Uniform inventory teams are needed (one with a laptop, and one reading numbers). Meet in the band room after school. Thanks!

JUNE 2020
  • 1:  Marching Band 2020-21 rehearsal at 6 p.m. and parent meeting at 7:30 p.m., ROHS auditorium.  This is a MANDATORY rehearsal for all new and returning MB students and their parents.  Please join the Boosters for a free dinner at our parent "meet and greet" tailgate!  
  • 7: Mattress Fundraiser to support ROHS Chamber Music
  • 9:  B&O Booster  meeting at 7 pm in the band room.  Incoming Freshmen parents are welcome!
  • 11: Last Day of School

  • 20: Marching Band Orientation for all MB Freshmen, new members & blue shirts.  Meet at 9 am  (orientation goes until 3 pm).  Students should bring their instrument, music, lyre, flip folder and a water bottle. Sunscreen and comfortable shoes are highly recommended! Lunch will be provided. 
  • 24-28: MB Camp Week. All Marching Band Students must attend from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Sunscreen and comfortable shoes are highly recommended!  Lunch will be provided.  Parents please SIGN UP to help during band camp. 
  • 27 or 28: First ROHS home football game (unconfirmed)

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


  • 15:  Marching Band Orientation for all MB Freshmen, new members & blue shirts.  Meet in the ROMS band room at 9 am  (orientation goes until 3 pm).  Students should bring their instrument, music, lyre, flip folder and a water bottle. Sunscreen and comfortable shoes are highly recommended! Lunch will be provided. Band Camp is at ROMS due to construction at ROHS.
  • 19-23:  Band Camp Week. All Marching Band Students must attend from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. (lunch will be provided) at ROMS (middle school) field.  Location change is due to construction at ROHS.  SIGN UP to help during band camp. 
  • ​NEW!  Band Camp to Registration Busing - We now have a convenient bus schedule for Marching Band students to get from camp to registration.  Buses will pick-up students at ROMS and take them to ROHS.
  • - Seniors on Wed 8/21/19: pick-up at ROMS at 8:30am with continuous routes back to ROMS as students finish registration.
  • - Juniors & Sophomores on Thurs 8/22/19: Pick-ups at ROMS at 8:30am and 12:30pm with continuous routes back to ROMS as students finish registration.
  • - Freshmen & New Students on Fri 8/23/19: Pick-up at ROMS at 8:30am.  and return to ROMS following the end of Fresh/New student orientation.
  • They can also chose to go on the make up day (Monday August 26th). Students/parents will need to figure out what works best for them. Students will not be marked late for going to registration.
  • 21: Senior Registration, 8:30-10:30 a.m.  Seniors should report for Band Camp at 8 a.m.; they will be released from there for registration.
  • 22: Junior Registration, 8:30 - 10:30 a.m.  Sophomore Registration 12:30-2:30 p.m.  Juniors and sophomores should report for Band Camp at 8 a.m; they will be released at the appropriate times for registration.
  • 20: B&O Boosters Board meeting, 7 p.m., (location T.B.D.)
  • 23: Car Wash w/MB Students - CANCELLED TO DUE CONSTRUCTION AT ROHS!!! Regular Band Camp will replace the Car Wash. All Marching Band Students must attend camp from 8 a.m. - 3 p.m. (lunch will be provided) at ROMS field.  
  • 23: Freshmen Orientation, 9 a.m. - 11:30 p.m.  Freshmen should attend orientation, THEN go to ROMS for Band Camp. 
  • 23: Freshmen/Newbie Girls Dress Measurements - Concert dress fittings will be on Friday following freshman orientation from 11:30 to 1:00pm in the ROHS Teacher's Lounge (next to mail room). Posters with the location will be posted at the schedule pick up area. Orders and payments for concert dresses are due by Sept 9.
  • 26: Make-up registration times (all grades), 9 - 10:30 a.m. and 1 - 2:30 p.m
  • 26: ABE VOLUNTEERS:  We will be distributing everyone’s T-shirts / wristbands / parking passes and information packs on Monday, August 26 from 5:30PM to 8PM at the Churchill Continuing Education Center located at 707 Girard Ave. in Royal Oak. You will be able to speak with one of the volunteer coordinators about your shift, the location and time we need to meet and what to expect on site if you have not volunteered for Arts Beats and Eats before.  If you are unable to pick up your package on Monday 8/26, we will place your package at the home of Maryanne VanHaitsma at 2624 Glenwood Rd. Royal Oak, 48073 (northeast of Woodward and Webster) for pickup between Tuesday 8/27 and Saturday 8/31..
  • 26: Shop online for B&O LOGO WEAR until the 9/9/19 deadline!  We are hoping for delivery by the 9/20/19 game.  Click here to order:
  • 28: Full MB Rehearsal at ROHS practice field. Wear your Raven's Head T-shirts. 4-8 p.m.
  • 29:  Home Game Performance (Lakeview) "School Spirit Show" Call: 3:30 p.m./Game: 7 p.m.  For tonight’s game (and likely the rest) MB preparations will take place in the area near the Lexington parking lot, south of the stadium. If you volunteered for GameDay help, please meet up in that area.  Welcome to construction season, everyone!!!!  See Tailgate Flyer and Family Tailgate Food & RSVP SIGN-UP and MB Game Day Volunteers SIGN-UP on the INFORMATION page of our website.
  • 30:  Arts, Beats & Eats Volunteers Needed for BEER TENT (21 and over). 
  • 31:  Arts, Beats & Eats Volunteers Needed for BEER TENT (21 and over).

  • 3: First day of school.  Welcome back band & orchestra families!
  • 6: Golf Outing Registration Forms due (deadline was extended!)
  • 6:  Raven Rally in ROHS courtyard 3 – 5 p.m. 
  • 6:  Concert dress order forms (with payment) due
  • 9: Deadline for CMU Band Day. Anyone not registered for CMU can still do it on Monday. You will need to bring $30 in a sealed envelope on Monday only. Parents can also go for $30. (Read more about CMU MB Day below 9/14/19)
  • 9: Deadline for online for B&O LOGO WEAR!  We are hoping for delivery by the 9/20/19 game.  Click here to order:
  • 10: B&O Boosters meeting, 7 p.m., at ROHS Multi Media Room (MMR). All parents and students welcome. Note this meeting has been changed back to its original date. Here's the AGENDA.
  • 11: MB Uniform Distribution after rehearsal 5-8 p.m. in the MMR:
- What time should I get there?: CG-All CG should come directly from rehearsal so you can get out quick, eat, and go back for your evening CG practice; Seniors-5:30pm, Juniors-6:00pm, Sophomores-6:30pm, Freshmen-7:00pm.  
- What do I do? Go to the library. From there, you will enter the MMR via the library stairs (currently blocked, but will be open that night). In the first room, you hand over your signed MB or GB uniform contracts and receive your jacket and pants. Then you will proceed to the next area for hats, gauntlets and raincoats. Finally, you will check out by the main MMR door (where you normally come in for class) and exit for the night. Think of it as a one-way assembly line!
- What should I bring: Bring your signed MB Uniform Contract or CG uniform contract (also found under BANDS/Student Files.)
- What about parents? We need parent volunteers, so please SIGN UP to help distribute uniforms if you can lend a hand. Otherwise, let your student go through the assembly line on his/her own.
  • 14:  CMU Marching Band Day (optional but awesome!) Central Michigan University 6:00 a.m. – 6 p.m. Music of “Elton John” - Limited charter bus seating.  Reserve your seat now!  MB parents are also welcome to ride on the bus for a $30 fee.  To reserve your seat: Put $30/person (students are first priority) in a sealed envelope with all your pertinent info and place it in the band dropbox. A permission slip will be handed out as the date approaches. MB students should wear their bibbers and Raven Head Ts on the bus, but don't forget to bring the rest of your uniform and raincoat!  We will change into full MB uniform once we arrive at CMU.
  • 15: 4th Annual Marching Band Golf Outing - RO Golf Course with 2 pm. check-in and 3 pm start (Adults only – Service Hours available for student volunteers).  Registration forms due by Sept. 6th (extension).  SIGN-UP to help at the event.​
  • 20:  Homecoming Game Performance (Avondale). Call 3:30 pm, THIS JUST IN:  Homecoming Parade is at 4:45pm, not 5pm! Mr. Giromini updated the time. NEW PARADE ROUTE: Bus Loop - Crooks - Lexington - Stadium then MB will go to cafeteria to eat, game at 7pm. Alumni welcome for pre-game tailgate! after parade. Post-game performance "Copland" (Ho Down, Appalachian Finale). See Food & RSVP SIGN-UP and HOMECOMING GAME DAY VOLUNTEERS SIGN-UP.
  • Attn: MB ALUMNI - If you marched for ROHS, Dondero, or Kimball you are invited to join the ROHS Marching Ravens for their Homecoming Performance.  See RSVP details on the BANDS page.
  • 24:  Tuxedo distribution in the MMR.  Reminder: Bring your signed CONTRACT and $10 dry cleaning fee. Seniors 5:30 p.m, Juniors 6 p.m, Sophs 6:30 p.m, Freshmen 7 p.m.  16 parent volunteers are needed too!  Please SIGN UP here.
  • 26:  MB Rehearsal w/ Guest Clinician. All students wear Ravens Head T-Shirts - from 3:15-5:15pm (Note: B&O printable Calendar is incorrect!)
  • 27-28:  Tag Days! (5-9 p.m. Friday; 9 a.m. - 9 p.m. Saturday.)  All B&O students work at least one 3-hour shift in uniform, and one parent chaperone is also needed during each shift.  Please sign up for your shift on the TAG DAYS STUDENT & CHAPERONE SHIFTS SIGN UP.  Parent helpers are needed at Headquarters as runners, floaters and money counters.  Please sign up to help on the TAG DAYS HQ PARENT HELP SIGN UP. 

  • 1:  MSBOA All-State Applications due.​ 
  • 1:  Fall Band Concert, 7 p.m. (6:30 p,.m call) in ROHS auditorium.  Band students should dress in nice clothing and adhere to the school dress code.
  • 3:  Fall Orchestra Concert, 7 p.m. (6:30 p,.m call) in ROHS auditorium.  Orchestra students should dress in nice clothing and adhere to the school dress code.
  • 4: MSBOA MB Fest permission slips due.​ Students can find permission slips and itinerary on google classroom.
  • 4:  Home Game Performance (N. Farmington) “Hometown Heroes” and "ROMS Bull Dog Night." Call: 3:30 p.m./Game: 7 p.m. Post-Game Performance “Copland” (complete show).  See Chili Cook-off Tailgate Flyer and Family Tailgate (5pm) Food & RSVP SIGN-UP.  We also need parents to help as MB Game Day Volunteers.  Please add your name to the SIGN-UP.
  • 7:  MSBOA Marching Band Festival at Bloomfield Hills High School - Charter bus leaving at: 3:15 pm and returning around 9 pm. ROHS Marching Ravens will be performing around 4:45 pm. Parents are welcome!  Students may want to bring snacks for the bus or $ to buy concessions. Itinerary and permission slips can be found on google classroom.
  • 8:  B&O Boosters meeting, 7 p.m., at ROHS Multi Media Room (MMR). All parents and students welcome. See AGENDA here.
  • ​18:  MB Home Game Performance (Ferndale) "Senior Night" and "Cancer Awareness Night" Call: 3:30 p.m./Game: 7 p.m. Half-time perfomance "Copland" (complete show). See Tailgate Flyer and Family Tailgate (5pm) Food & RSVP SIGN-UP and MB Game Day Volunteers SIGN-UP.
  • 23: GLOW SHOW MB STUDENTS: Arrive at 4 pm for individual MB photos (optional) in your MB uniform. Arrive at 4:30 pm for the group MB photo in your MB uniform. Bring your picture day order forms (distributed today by Mr. Jensen).  Students can have free pizza in the cafeteria after the group photo. No snacks or drinks are provided, just pizza.
  • Glow Show Call 4:30 pm, Show 7 pm. A basic glow uniform is provided to each band member (the many Glow Sticker volunteers will help attach glow). Sections are encouraged to decorate their instruments or other parts of their uniform, but glow sticks or glow tape is the only allowable way to go. Students have been told NOT to use battery powered lights/LEDs. Party City or the Dollar Store has glow sticks if desired (Note: extra glow is optional).
  • 23:  GLOW SHOW PARENT DETAILS:  Call 4:30 pm, Show 7 pm at ROHS stadium.  Tickets $5/indiv; $15 families. See Glow Show FLYER for details. Lots of volunteers are needed to help "glow" the band!  All volunteers WILL be able to see the show. Click here for  GLOW SHOW VOLUNTEERS SIGN-UP.
  • 26:  Woodwardside & ROBHIA MB Halloween Parades (optional, but encouraged) with costume contests 11 a.m. & 12:30 p.m.  See Halloween Parades Maps/Info for details. Parents are invited to watch!
  • 26-27:  B&O All-State auditions

  • 1:  MSBOA Solo & Ensemble entries due
  • 1-17:  B&O Poinsettia Sale. Support the B&O Boosters by ordering poinsettias to decorate the stage during the Holiday Concerts on Dec. 3-4, 2019. After the concerts, donate them or take them home to enjoy over the holidays! They make great hostess, teacher, or office gifts.  Any plants not picked up by Dec. 4th will be donated to a local nursing home. Download a POINSETTIA SALE FORM.
  • 11:  Veterans’ Day Service Downtown Royal Oak (for a select group of WE students only).
  • 12:  B&O Boosters’ meeting CANCELLED.  See AGENDA.  NOTE: Because of the snow day, the official policy is that all after school events are cancelled. For those who were on the agenda, we will solicit your comments and updates via email. We will distribute those as Meeting Minutes and post them on the HOME page. At this point, there are no plans to reschedule the meeting due to scheduling involving the school musical, the Thanksgiving holiday, and the concerts.
  • ​17:  Last day for B&O Poinsettia Sale orders!  See POINSETTIA SALE FORM for details.
  • 18:  Blue Lake Camp scholarship auditions (auditions will occur during classes all day)​. Get forms from Mr. Jensen.
  • 19: Jazz Band starts 
  • 21: Jazz Ensemble starts 

  • 3:  Winter Band Concert, Call 6:30 p.m./7 p.m., show in ROHS auditorium. Don't forget to pick up your poinsettia orders after the show. However, if any band parents are able to wait and pick up their plants after the orchestra concert is over on 12/4/19, it's much appreciated! Thank you.
  • 4:  Winter Orchestra Concert, Call 6:30 p.m./7 p.m., show in ROHS auditorium. Don't forget to pick up your poinsettia orders after the show!  Any plants not picked up at this time will be donated. Thank you.
  • 10: B&O Boosters’ meeting at 7 pm in the MMR. All parents and students welcome! Take a look at the meeting AGENDA.
  • 12: Barnes & Noble Fundraiser 6-9 pm at Oakland Plaza - 396 John R Rd, Troy.  Customers just need to reference the event ID for purchases in store on Dec. 12th or online for a week following. This year, we will also have holiday cheesecakes for sale from the Cheesecake Factory!  The ROHS Orchestra will rotate various chamber ensembles providing enjoyable music for the bookstore. but we also need parental support to make this a success. Please consider volunteering just 1 hour of your time for this event. We are looking for help at our gift wrapping table offering this service to customers for tips and donations. Click HERE to help! If you can't join us in person, please consider supporting the event by getting the word out to friends and familes. The Book Fair will remain open online for 1 week using our bookfair ID# 12561742. See details on the B&N FLYER.
  • 14-15: Orchestra students will be doing Tag Days at English Gardens Dec. 14th and 15th from 12-3 pm (when Santa is in the store!). Combos will be arranged by Mr. Rose, but we will need parent volunteers to supervise the money collection. Interested volunteers should email Leah Barnett at: Thanks!
  • 14:  Royal Oak Jingle Lighted Holiday Parade - NEW INFO:  Meet at 5pm Saturday (12/14/19) at the corner of Lincoln and Troy (near ROAK Brewery) with your music, lyres, warm layers under your MB uniforms, festive battery lights on yourself and instruments (no clear tape on instruments!!!!), and a plain red Santa hat on your head. The parade will start at 6pm, march down Main Street, and end near the RO Post Office. Since this is the first time for this parade, we don’t have any more details, but we’re sure it will be a fun night!  P.S. Check Remind on Saturday at noon for info about raincoats (in case of inclement weather).  WEAR: Lots of warm layers under your MB uniform and a plain red and white Santa hat instead of your shako/beret. Decorate yourself with battery lights, garland, wrapping paper, bows, etc. (check out the Dollar Store) to be as merry as possible!  Prize for most "lit"!  BRING: Your instrument (no case), lyres and flip folders with your holiday music supplied by Mr. Jensen.   MB Students need to return their PERMISSION SLIP by Thursday, 12/12/19!  Please do not scan and email to Mr. Jensen. He needs a hard copy with signature by Thursday. More slips are available in the band room if needed.  For more event info, check out:
  • 19:  Jingle Bell Jazz at RO Farmers Market, 6-9 p.m.  Fun for the whole family!  Please help spread the word by sharing the JBJ FLYER on Facebook and with friends and family or drecting people to our new JBJ webpage!  If you or someone you know is interested in becoming an event sponsor, please download the JBJ SPONSOR LETTER & DONATION FORM.  If you can give some volunteer time or baked goods, please see the JBJ DONATIONS & STAFFING SIGN UP.  Questions, contact Huw Evans or Victoria Wisniewski.

​​​JANUARY 2020
  • 10-11:  MSBOA District IV Honors Band & Jazz Band at Clarkston High School
  • 14:  B&O Boosters’ meeting at 7 pm in the TBD room (sign/person will be at the school front door). Read the agenda here. All parents and students welcome!
  • 15-18:  Michigan Music Conference (Grand Rapids) for students in All-State Ensembles
  • 24-25:  MSBOA District IV Solo & Ensemble Festival at Brighton HS. 
  • 28: Non-Marching Band students who need a Marching Uniform for Disney -- Uniform distribution is 1/28 at 4:30pm in the Band Room. We need parent volunteers! Please SIGN UP to help.

  • 4: Parade rehearsal for Disney after school.  Disney Chaperone Meeting at 8pm (after Open House) in the Band Room.  Marching Band uniform fittings (makeup) for non-MB students going to Disney.
  • 11:  B&O Boosters’ meeting at 7 pm in the band room. All parents and students welcome! Check out the Agenda.
  • 10-14: HS placement auditions (8th grade & HS students, time TBD)
  • 10-14: Pick up your online spirit wear orders in the band and orchestra rooms this week.
  • 10-14: Sign up to donate items for the bus trip to Disney HERE.
  • 17-18: Mid-winter Break
  • 17-22:  B&O Disney 2020 trip!!!  See trip details HERE.
  • 26:  Pre-Festival Clinic/Concert at ROHS Auditorium (SB 3:30 p,m; WE 4:15 p.m; SO 5 p.m; 8th Grade Band 5:45 pm.)
  • 29:  MSBOA Symphony Orchestra (strings only) performing at 1:15pm at Birmingham Groves High School
  • TBD: First Pep Band Practice  is at 3:30-4:30pm with game at 7pm.  Wear Ravens head T-shirts and jeans.