​​ Royal oak high school band & orchestra boosters


Official Communication
ALL travelers must ​​sign up for DISNEY 2024 REMIND ​to get important trip details!​  If it’s not on Remind, it’s not official. Click HERE to get the code.  

Click HERE to see the offical DISNEY INFORMATION PACKET. 
In addition to your pre-checkd garment bag, you will have TWO bags:
  1. Your "main" medium sized suitcase: This will contain most of your clothing for the week. Once this is put in the luggage compartment of the bus Monday morning, you will not have access to it until after check-in at the hotel Tuesday afternoon/evening. Please do NOT OVERPACK! There are only three luggage holds for the luggage AND EQUIPMENT for over 100 people. Make certain your luggage tag is on your bag!
  2. Your "carry on" or "bus" bag:  This bag will be with you every time you are on the bus. This bag should have whatever you want for Tuesday morning (change of clothes including blue trip t-shirt, deodorant, toothbrush, hairbrush, etc.), snacks, reading material, music with headphones, water, etc. Make sure any medications you need are in this bag for Monday night/Tuesday morning. This bag must also contain your Brightspark bag and the Official Trip T-Shirt for use at Animal Kingdom on Tuesday.

  • Brightspark bags will be given to every student. 
  • Please make sure all chaperone give cell phone numbers to lead parent chaperone
  • No ROHS parking. Please carpool to the school.  Do NOT leave your car in the school parking lot. 
  • We encourage our chaperones to post trip updates and photos on ROHSBOB Facebook.
  • Thanks!

The Bus
  • Don't miss the bus! Meeting time is TBD.
  • Water is the only approved drink on the bus. Remember to bring a reusable water bottle to fill up from the jugs on the bus and at the Disney Parks
  • Note: Snacks are allowed on the bus, but pop is NOT. 

Curious how to plan a meal budget for your student on the trip?  Look up food prices at every restaurant at every Disney park:​​  Reminder: There are nine (9) meals that will be "paid at your own expense," by fast food stops on the way there/back, or snacks or lunches at Disney.  Breakfasts are included with the hotel.

(4) T-shirts --see above Disney packet for additional details
T-shirt requirements for each day of the trip include:
  • Disney 2024 T-shirt (one is provided for free for all participants.)  
  • 3 ROHS performing arts themed
  • If you would like to purchase T-shirts for the trip, please order from our online store HERE
Marching Band Uniforms ​
​​NOTE:  Marching Band uniforms must be worn by ALL students going to Disney. Each student is required to wear a Marching Band uniform in order to march in the parade. If a student does NOT have a Marching Band uniform, he/she must attend the Uniform Distributionto get fitted. All students will need to wear 100% black shoes (no white soles) and tall black socks (packed in your garment bag for Friday).  Do not pack your MB hats (shakos) or raincoats, since we are not wearing these for the parade.