Disney 2020 Recap

It takes a lot to pull off a trip like this. We need and have an amazing support team “at base” to provide supplies and help with loading and unloading. But the heavy lifting ultimately goes to the chaperones that look after the students out in the field.

Going into this Disney trip, I would get generally the same reaction from people when they found out I was chaperoning: “I’m sorry.” You laugh it off and let it go as small talk, but my true belief has always been, “No, I’m sorry that you don’t get to experience this.”

The chaperones eventually become a team united in looking after these kids. That creates a pretty deep bond. We’re always going to see each other at school functions or around town and share a knowing nod or a reminiscence if we have time.

Mostly, we’ll remember getting to know these students and proudly watching them prepare and perform. We’ll remember sharing in their excitement as they told us what rides they rode, shows they saw, pictures they got, and how they felt. For many of these kids, this was their first time at Disney World and we got to share in that too.

They also experienced one other really cool thing. They know secrets of Disney World that many other people won’t know. They’ve been backstage and have seen what’s “behind the Magic.” Disney guards those secrets quite aggressively, because no magician wants to reveal how the trick is done. Disney also knows that for the Royal Oak Raven Band and Orchestra to participate in creating the Magic, they need to get back there and see it. If they go back to the Magic Kingdom or EPCOT Center in the future, they’ll point to certain doors and say “I know what’s back there, and you’ll never know!”

Magic isn’t only Disney’s domain. It’s also what happens when a community comes together. During the parade and the Disney Springs performance, Royal Oak made their presence known.

It’s such a charge to run into people you know when you’re far from home. To see families, staff, even the superintendent come together all in one place for one day to watch our kids shine a thousand miles from home is magic Disney can’t do. It’s what *we* bring to the table.

Every step of the parade, the kids could see people from home cheering them on. Every glance in any direction from the Disney Springs stage saw a proud Royal Oak family watching them perform.

This trip meant a lot to everyone that went on it. Everything from simply signing up, to buying snacks, to forming a huge cheering section in Orlando was an important piece of it. We thank you for making this trip happen and helping provide memories that will last a lifetime.
- Jon Liu, ROHSBOB President

P.S. We encourage everyone to check out (and post) their trip photos and videos on our Royal Oak High School Band and Orchestra Boosters Facebook. Thanks.


Official Communication
ALL travelers must ​​sign up for DISNEY 2020 REMIND ​to get important trip details!​  If it’s not on Remind, it’s not official.

REVISED Itinerary, Dress Requirements and Meeting Instructions (2/15/19)
Check out the revised Itinerary, Dress Requirements and Meeting Instructions HERE!

Packing Information
Click HERE to see the packing list for Disney. Remember to put your name on everything. 
In addition to your pre-checkd garment bag, you will have TWO bags:
  1. Your "main" medium sized suitcase: This will contain most of your clothing for the week. Once this is put in the luggage compartment of the bus Monday morning, you will not have access to it until after check-in at the hotel Tuesday afternoon/evening. Please do NOT OVERPACK! There are only three luggage holds for the luggage AND EQUIPMENT for over 100 people. Make certain your luggage tag is on your bag!
  2. Your "carry on" or "bus" bag:  This bag will be with you every time you are on the bus. This bag should have whatever you want for Tuesday morning (change of clothes including blue trip t-shirt, deodorant, toothbrush, hairbrush, etc.), snacks, reading material, music with headphones, water, etc. Make sure any medications you need are in this bag for Monday night/Tuesday morning. This bag must also contain your Brightspark bag and the Official Trip T-Shirt for use at Animal Kingdom on Tuesday.

  • In the Brightspark bags given out, there is a new itinerary and final Monday instructions. These bags were meant for the chaperones as well, but we're not sure that all chaperones received theirs. 
  • Please make sure Jon Liu has all chaperone cell phone numbers
  • Reminder: No ROHS parking without a school permit, but parking is available for the week at John Lindell Ice Arena across the street. You may park at the far east or west ends of the parking lot and you must give your license plate number to the Lindell arena staff so that they know not to tow your vehicle.
  • We encourage our chaperones to post trip updates and photos on ROHSBOB Facebook.
  • Thanks!

The Bus
  • Don't miss the bus! Meeting time is at 8:30 AM for everyone.
  • Water is the only approved drink on the bus. Remember to bring a reusable water bottle to fill up from the jugs on the bus and at the Disney Parks.
  • Thank you for all who donated bus items!
  • Note: Snacks are allowed on the bus, but pop is NOT. 

Curious how to plan a meal budget for your student on the trip?  Look up food prices at every restaurant at every Disney park:​​  Reminder: There are nine (9) meals that will be "paid at your own expense," by fast food stops on the way there/back, or snacks or lunches at Disney.  Breakfasts are included with the hotel. Refer to the itinerary for details.

Parade Route
Coming down to Orlando to see the Marching Ravens in the parade? Here's a primer on the parade route.

A Change in Plans...
We are now ALL going to Disney Springs to support the Orchestra performance, then heading to Disney Hollywood Studios. So if you reserved a Fastpass at the Studios before noon, better go change it!

Weather Forecast
The Orlando weather forecast for next week as of now:
  • Tuesday: H-86 L-66
  • Wednesday: H-86 L-67
  • Thursday: PARADE DAY H-75 L-55, 30% chance of rain late in the day

(4) T-shirts
T-shirt requirements for each day of the trip include:
  • Disney 2020 T (Tuesday)
  • Gray Raven Head T (Wednesday)
  • Two (2) ROHS-related tops ​(Thursday and Friday)

​​Marching Band Uniforms ​
​​NOTE:  Marching Band uniforms must be worn by ALL students going to Disney. Each student is required to wear a Marching Band uniform in order to march in the parade. If a student does NOT have a Marching Band uniform, he/she must attend the Uniform Distribution Night on 1/28/20 to get fitted. All students will need to wear 100% black shoes (no white soles) and tall black socks (packed in your garment bag for Friday).  Do not pack your MB hats (shakos) or raincoats, since we are not wearing these for the parade.


Disney 2020 Remind Messages
(copied from Mr. J)
NOTE: ​Sign up for Disney 2020 Remind (Parent and/or Student) to get the most timely information! 

Disney 2020: Regarding FASTPASS..Disney hasn't released our performance schedule. We won't know what days we're in what parks until they do.  Stay tuned.

Disney 2020: We're aware of uniform needs.  those needing uniforms will be contacted this week.  A distribution date hasn't been set but will be soon.

Disney 2020: Need a RavenHead-t?  Marching Band students have several. Borrow from a friend.  New one's can be purchased ($10)

Disney 2020: First and foremost, ALL Disney info will be announced through Remind.  This is your one and only source for everything you need to know.

Disney 2020: All students will need 4 t-shirts. (Trip Shirt included, Raven Head-T, 2 additional "Raven" shirts of some kind.)

Disney 2020: Disney Parade music will be distributed Tuesday Jan 21. Our first Disney Parade rehearsal will be Thursday Jan 23 3-4pm, band room. REQUIRED

Disney 2020: Our department LogoWear is a great option for shirts. The store is open now until Jan 26 for those seeking shirts.  rmd.me/z34l9F3rVcw

Disney 2020: A Med. Form printed on bright paper will be distributed to students Tuesday 1/14. It is due by Monday 1/20 in PRISTINE, UNFOLDED condition.

Disney 2020: Med forms are available to all in the band room

Disney Parents 202: There will be no music distribution or rehearsal this week due to exams.  Stay tuned for re-schedule.

Disney Parents 202: I continue to get questions about FastPasses. They can't happen until I get tickets w/ numbers. I'll distribute them the moment I get them.

Disney Parents 202: Many PARENTS are signing up for the Disney STUDENT list.  Instructions for both will follow.  Please be sure you're on the correct list.

Disney Parents 202: Attention Non-Marching Band students who need a Marching Uniform- Uniform distribution is 1/28 at 4:30pm in the Band Room

Disney Parents 2020: Linked are instructions for the STUDENT list. Students are required to be on it. Parents will be deleted. (Note: see link in Remind and at top of this web page)

Disney Parents 2020: Linked are instructions for the PARENT list. Parents on the STUDENT list will be deleted. Please double check. (Note: see link in Remind and at top of this web page)

Disney Parents 202: Attention ALL Disney students.  Our parade rehearsal is TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 4TH after school in the Band Room.  Done by 4:00

Disney Parents 202: MB Students, not in a band class, going to Disney...I have your shirts!!!  Pick them up after school in the band room.

Disney Parents 202: Clarification- I have photocopies of tickets for those seeking FastPasses. If you're not,  you don't need the ticket photocopy.

Marching Band 2019: Hey all.  If you're a former/current Marching Raven with shoes you could donate, we're in need . Please bring them in tomorrow. THANK YOU!

Disney Parents 202: Our final MB Rehearsal is Friday after school.  3-5pm. Orch students can report after their rehearsal.  We'll line up and actually march.

Disney Parents 202: Please bring all uniforms IN GARMENT BAGS Friday morning. Drop them in the ORCHESTRA RM. Students will check them in during their B&O class.

Disney Parents 202: Disney participants who don't have a band/orchestra class can check their garment bags during lunch or any other free time during the day.

Disney Parents 202: Garment bags WILL NOT be checked in before school.  Please don't ask.  Find time during the school day if you don't have a B&O class.

Disney Parents 202: Please check your uniform tonight to be sure you have everything. If not tell me TOMORROW. Please don't show up Friday with uniform issues.

Disney Parents 202: Luggage correction. Students are allowed 1 suitcase for the hotel, a small bag that remains on the bus, and Brightspark Drawstring Bag (P.S. Plus the MB garment bag with uniform which will be pre-checked, zip tied, and stored by Mr. Jensen)


Disney Parents 202: ALL PERMISSION SLIPS MUST BE TURNED IN BEFORE SCHOOL TOMORROW. Return bottom half only. Do not send via email. Only hard copies accepted.

Disney Parents 202: It occured to me that among all the paperwork, we've not done a District Permission Slip!  Get one in class today or pick one up at lunch.

​Disney Parents 202: Students playing wind instruments needing lyres should get them before rehearsal tomorrow. PLEASE take your inst. with you for proper fit.

Disney Parents 202: P-Slip attached if you didn't get one. I need them all before school tomorrow. No email please. Return bottom half. rmd.me/VuP7EMe7NHM


Disney Parents 202: All Disney students get instruments and music and report to CAFETERIA immediately after school.

Disney Parents 202: There are numerous students with missing items from their garment bags. All items must be here by 6pm tonight.  REQUIRED!

Disney Parents 202: Students know what items they need.

Disney Students & Parents 202: How is your packing going?  Space is at a premium.  Please pack in something small, preferably a duffle bag. Triple check!  No extra stuff.