Disney 2020 Remind Messages
(copied from Mr. J)
NOTE: ​Sign up for Disney 2020 Remind (Parent and/or Student) to get the most timely information! 

Disney 2020: Regarding FASTPASS..Disney hasn't released our performance schedule. We won't know what days we're in what parks until they do.  Stay tuned.

Disney 2020: We're aware of uniform needs.  those needing uniforms will be contacted this week.  A distribution date hasn't been set but will be soon.

Disney 2020: Need a RavenHead-t?  Marching Band students have several. Borrow from a friend.  New one's can be purchased ($10)

Disney 2020: First and foremost, ALL Disney info will be announced through Remind.  This is your one and only source for everything you need to know.

Disney 2020: All students will need 4 t-shirts. (Trip Shirt included, Raven Head-T, 2 additional "Raven" shirts of some kind.)

Disney 2020: Disney Parade music will be distributed Tuesday Jan 21. Our first Disney Parade rehearsal will be Thursday Jan 23 3-4pm, band room. REQUIRED

Disney 2020: Our department LogoWear is a great option for shirts. The store is open now until Jan 26 for those seeking shirts.  rmd.me/z34l9F3rVcw

Disney 2020: A Med. Form printed on bright paper will be distributed to students Tuesday 1/14. It is due by Monday 1/20 in PRISTINE, UNFOLDED condition.

Disney 2020: Med forms are available to all in the band room

Disney Parents 202: There will be no music distribution or rehearsal this week due to exams.  Stay tuned for re-schedule.

Disney Parents 202: I continue to get questions about FastPasses. They can't happen until I get tickets w/ numbers. I'll distribute them the moment I get them.

Disney Parents 202: Many PARENTS are signing up for the Disney STUDENT list.  Instructions for both will follow.  Please be sure you're on the correct list.

Disney Parents 202: Attention Non-Marching Band students who need a Marching Uniform- Uniform distribution is 1/28 at 4:30pm in the Band Room

Disney Parents 2020: Linked are instructions for the STUDENT list. Students are required to be on it. Parents will be deleted. (Note: see link in Remind and at top of this web page)

Disney Parents 2020: Linked are instructions for the PARENT list. Parents on the STUDENT list will be deleted. Please double check. (Note: see link in Remind and at top of this web page)


T-shirt Information
T-shirt requirements for each day of the trip include:
  • Disney 2020 T (supplied - see blue T pictured here)
  • Gray Raven Head T (see gray T pictured here)
  • Two (2) ROHS-related tops 

Disney 2020 T-shirts will be given to each student traveling to Disney.

Gray Raven Head T-shirts are available for $10 (as used by MB students). Every student will need to wear one of these T-shirts during the trip, so you'll need to borrow or buy! Place your order by emailing rohsbob.info@gmail.com. Please put "Gray Raven Head T-shirt order" in the subject line.

A limited supply of extra Disney 2020 T-shirts are also available. Shirts are $10. Email us your order now through Sat. Jan 25th.

All T-shirts will be distributed in class by the directors, at which point payment for orders will be collected.

​​Disney Uniform Distribution (for non-MB travelers)
Click HERE to help with Marching Band uniform distribution on 1/28/20!
ALL travelers must ​​sign up for Disney 2020 Remind ​to get important trip details!
STUDENT REMIND instructions: Disney 2020 Remind Instructions
PARENT REMIND instructions:Disney 2020 Parents Remind

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Chaperone Meeting
February 4, 2020
8 PM (after the Open House)
in the new Band Room

Disney World Restaurants
Curious on how to plan a lunch budget for your student on the Disney trip? Go to the Disney World website and look up food prices at every restaurant at every park:​​